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Lezlee Matthews Consulting is a management consulting firm that helps organizations to achieve positive social impact.

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Lezlee Matthews, PH.D.

What can Lezlee Matthews Consulting do for you?


Program Design

Project Management



Strategic Planning




Community Engagement

Volunteer Engagement




Dr. Lezlee Matthews is the experienced consultant to provide:

  • Program design to guide your nonprofit's idea to reality and structural execution

  • Management of your program through operational, programmatic, financial, or organizational structure

  • Capacity building through activities designed to bring organizations to the next level of maturity

Trainings and workshops involve presentations to key managers and staff to improve underperforming business areas related to community and volunteer engagement, while preparing organizations to enter new markets among African American, underrepresented, under-resourced, or ethnic minoritized groups.



My extensive experience in providing program strategic planning and evaluation is just what you need. 

Evaluations will involve:

  • An assessment of how well your organization has achieved goals and outcomes to fulfill obligations set by external funders requiring independent evaluators

  • Strategic planning to ensure board members, leadership and staff communicate alignment between an organization's mission, vision, values, and priorities

  • A practical plan to reach identified goals



I help organizations develop superior volunteer engagement programs through effective volunteer recruitment strategies, institutional relationship building, and sound volunteer engagement policies.


This involves working with organizational leaders to:

  • Review business practices to improve productivity and performance

  • Conduct staff interviews to understand challenges, strengths, and processes

  • Make recommendations to improve volunteer engagement practices


About Lezlee Matthews Consulting

Mission and Services
My management consultancy helps organizations achieve positive social impact.

Services include:

  • Program design and management

  • Strategic planning and evaluation

  • Community and volunteer engagement

I help organizations pursue transformative social change by cultivating creativity while delivering superior service and scholarship.

My guiding principles are centered around teamwork where I will:

  • Listen with emotional intelligence

  • Offer constructive feedback

  • Communicate well-defined and logical objectives

  • Create interest and ingenuity

  • Take a positive attitude toward - and learn from - setbacks

  • Pursue excellence

  • Exceed customer expectations

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